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Filmmaking Sucks - Women In Horror Panel at Macabre Faire

This week, we bring you something very special! On January 14th, the Macabre Faire Film Festival hosted a Women In Media panel, and we are proud to bring you the audio of that discussion. All of the women involved are making huge strides, advancing the way people view women working in horror today. 

Hosted by Adam Ginsberg, the panel members include:

Lindsay Serrano (Producer/Director/Writer
Debra Markowitz (Writer/Director/Producer
Kelly Rae LeGault (Actress
Jennifer Valdes (Writer/Director/Producer
Beatrice Sniper (Makeup/SFX Artist
Deana Demko (Actress/Sculptress/Author
Gail Wisun-Gooch (Costumer

Listen in and hear what these amazing women have to say about what they love to do, and how they plan to change the landscape of horror films!

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Filmmaking Sucks - Cinematography Panel

Channel X is unfortunately on a bit of an unscheduled break due to weather and previous event commitments, but we will return! In the meantime, i will be adding the previous episodes of Filmmaking Sucks to the feed, as well as some Mario Likes Movies episodes to tide you guys over!

This week on Filmmaking Sucks we are proud to bring you the audio from a Cinematography Panel hosted by Manny Serrano and Patrick Devaney at the Macabre Faire Film Festival. The panel itself discusses the importance and unimportance of certain pieces of equipment, frame rates, HD vs 4K, shooting on cell phones, tons of knowledge that we hope many of you will find interesting. 

Thank you for listening, please subscribe to us on iTunes and stay tuned for brand new episodes of What Lurks On Channel X coming very soon! 

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The Filmmaking Sucks Podcast - Episode 1

Hey everyone, we here at Mass Grave have started a new podcast entitled Filmmaking Sucks, where we will be discussing the pitfalls of independent film production!
It is completely different in nature from What Lurks On Channel X, but we thought some of you may be interested in checking it out! So we are adding the first episode or two to the Channel X feed in the downtime between Channel X episodes.

If you dig the new show, you can subscribe to it via iTunes (more outlets coming soon), and it will be added to our regular YouTube feed at as well. 

And, just so you know, Channel X is NOT shutting down, we will be back shortly! Enjoy Filmmaking Sucks in the meantime!

Welcome to the first episode of the Filmmaking Sucks podcast! Now, we don't actually think filmmaking sucks. In fact, we love every second of it, but that doesn't mean its easy. We put our heart and souls into every page we write, frame we shoot, and scene we edit, and sometimes, it just sucks. But we still love it. 

As your hosts are Manny Serrano, Lindsay Serrano and Mario Melillo. Each week (or, best attempt at each week) we will discuss a subject in straight talk. By that we mean, no cuts, no edits, straight through our mouths, into your ears. We are here to discuss our filmmaking successes, mistakes, happy accidents, and some of the lessons we've learned along the way, and we want to be as honest as possible about it.

Full disclosure: if you do hear an edit, it is because a mic went out, a loud car passed by, a memory card was full, or something else that could possibly affect the physical audio of the show occurred. We can't control everything, we can only work with what we have,a nd do the best job we possibly can. 

On our first episode, we are going to keep it light, talk a bit about ourselves, some of the things we've done, and maybe help you to get to know us a bit better. 

Subscribe to the Filmmaking Sucks Podcast on iTunes, and please rate and review us! 
You can also email us at with your feedback and questions. 

Our worst day on set, is still better than our best day anywhere else. 
- Every Filmmaker Ever.

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Was HH Holmes Actually Jack The Ripper? Part II

Last week, we discussed claims made by Jeff Mudgett, Great Great Grandson of serial killer H H Holmes, of Holmes actually being Jack The Ripper. Lindsay did some research, and we have decided to sit down again and discuss the validity of Mudgett's claims, his book, and how he came across this information. 

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