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Boulevard Film Festival

MissUnderstood Monster and Matryoshka will both be screening as part of the Boulevard Film Festival in Sunnyside Queens! Screening Times & Dates TBA

Excited to announce films for our 2019 festival on June 27-30! Stay tuned for screening times and tickets!

Away From You: Integration, Directed by Cely Riva, Written by Cely Riva & Sara Sue Vallee (Brooklyn)
Coffee and a Donut, Directed by Cary Patrick Martin, (Queens)
Your Man, Directed by Alexandra Natalie Leinweber, Written by Allie Scully (Brooklyn)
Overripe: to the Dark Side, Directed by Jules Fuentes (Queens)
Cloud 9, Directed by Travis Houze Photography, Written by Devin White (Manhattan)
Big - Cocordion (Official Music Video), Directed by Matt Sparks (Queens)
Churros, Directed by Emilie Blythe McDonald & Bruce Smolanoff (Queens)
Crush, Directed by Giacomo Gex, Written by Shai Frumkin & Kyvon Edwin (Brooklyn/Manhattan)
MissUnderstood Monster, Directed by Lindsay MassGravette Serrano(Queens)
Matryoshka, Directed by Manny Serrano, Written by Manny Serrano, Lindsay Serrano & Manen Lyset (Queens)
Assigned Sex, Directed by Shaun Dawson (Manhattan)
Scarfaced, Directed by J. Anthony Roman (Manhattan)
Acedia, Directed by J.P. Diaz (Brooklyn)
Apocalypse Mambo, Directed by Tobias Belliard (Manhattan)
Kangaroo, Directed by A.M. Fine (Brooklyn)
Good Girl, Directed by Alicia Herder (Brooklyn)
The Ghost and The Writer, Directed by Christina Tucker (Queens)
Sealand Cares!, Directed by Cara Brown, Written by Brett Epstein (Brooklyn)
‘Gossip Ghouls’, Directed by Desmond Confoy, Written by Desmond Confoy & Dakota Granados (Queens)
Tight Spot, Directed by Kevin Haefelin (Manhattan)
Lauren Greenfield: How Capitalism Exploits Insecurities, Directed by Lena Greene, Written by Lauren Greenfield (Manhattan)
For a Better Life, Directed by Yasmin Mistry (Brooklyn)
Mystic Lotus, Directed by Dr. Vertna Bradley & Michelle R. Britto, LMSW (Queens)
Break the Camera, Directed by Jenna Sofia (Queens)
meridians, Directed by Lynn Kim (Queens)
In the Land of Moonstones, Directed by Nicola McEldowney (Queens)
BANG. BANG. , Directed by James Allerdyce, Written by James Allerdyce & Steven Pierce (Queens) 
Box Whose Candle is the Sun, Directed by James Jenkins (Queens)

Earlier Event: June 21
Later Event: July 12
Matryoshka at LIIFE!