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Ax Wound Film Festival Filmmakers Panel

The 3rd annual Ax Wound Film Festival is a celebration of Women in Horror, and Lindsay's new film Beneath was selected to be part of the festival.

Hosted by Jay Kay of Horror Happens Radio, the panel includes Lindsay Serrano, Julia K. Berkey (Gemmas Monster), Aislinn Clarke (Childer), Stee McMorris (Strange Harvest), England Simpson (Prelude: A Love Story), Kathryn McManus (Knock Knock II), Jennifer Bonior & Dycee Wildman (Inside The House), Marinah Janello (Entropia), Nicole Solomon (Mare), Monika Estrella Negra (Flesh), and Christina Raia (Enough).

The panel discusses what it's like to be a woman working in media, and especially the horror industry. Their thoughts on the Ax Wound Film Festival and other female-centric festivals, as well as working with practical effects, the importance of being subversive towards the mainstream, and guerrilla filmmaking.

You can check out the Ax Wound Film Festival at the Women In Horror Month Website. Submissions for the 2018 fest open in a few months. Whether you are accepted or not, whether you are a male or female filmmaker, we advise you all to strongly consider making the trip out to Vermont to be part of the festival. 

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I don’t go up to another film director and say, Boy, you are a great male film director.’ So what’s curious to me is why it’s so gender specific with me. I get a lot of questions about ‘How could you make a film with this kind of subject matter?’ How could you do this as a woman and a mother?’ My answer: women can be terrible! Have you ever been to high school? Girls have as much love in them as they have viciousness because they’re human beings. Violence and horror films are not gender specific.
— Jennifer Lynch