Mass Grave Pictures

Mass Grave Pictures, NYC based indie horror film productions.  #supportindiehorror 

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Beneath is the first Mass Grave Pictures short film written and directed by producer Lindsay Serrano, telling the story of a girl who finds her boyfriend has secretly uploaded a private video of them, and plots her vengeance with the help of an old friend...


  • Black Sunday Film Festival: February 25 Block 2 - 3:30 PM; tickets available here
  • Brightside Tavern Film Fest Film Series: March 3rd 6 PM


  • New York Short Film Festival
  • Ax Wound Film Festival
  • Macabre Faire Film Festival


  • New York Short Film Festival: Best Horror Short
  • Spotlight Horror Awards: Silver Award
  • Macabre Faire Film Festival: Audience Choice Best Short (Co-Winner)


  • Brightside Tavern Film Series: Best Horror/Thriller, Best Actress (Alyssa Booth), Best Director (Lindsay Serrano)
  • Macabre Fair Film Festival: Best Horror Short
  • Stormy Weather Horror Fest Fall 2017: Outstanding Female Filmmaker (Lindsay Serrano), Best Actress (Alyssa Booth)
Lindsay Serrano is a quality film-maker...Beneath seems like just a taste of what she can do and I’m patiently awaiting her next film adventure...It’s a sassy, bloody and surprising horror flick.
— Michael DeFellipo, Horror Society