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Mass Grave Pictures, NYC based indie horror film productions.  #supportindiehorror 

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Upcoming Screenings

June 15th 5 pm - Happenstance Horror Fest

June 21st & 22nd - Tromadance!

Friday, July 12th 9:30 pm - Long Island International Film Expo

On Halloween Night..

A group of friends get together for a Halloween Party. After Carol notices an old Matryoshka doll sitting on the table, Tucker proceeds to tell the group about an old game his grandmother used to play called “The Nesting Game”, but the old poem may unleash something more deadly than expected.


Carol - Angie Hansen
Eva - Diana Porter
Tucker - Jose Torres
Lina - Deana Demko
Lewis - Scott Gorbach
Zayne - Tauras Smith

Directed by Manny Serrano

Written by Manen Lyset, Manny Serrano, Lindsay Serrano

Cinematography and Color Grade by Philip Kral

Makeup & FX by Beatrice Sniper and Jason Peterson

Featuring songs “Video Creep” and “Unholy and Perfect” by Mojave Phone Booth.
Original music by Brandon Boone
Sound Design by Phil Michalski.

Horror Society Review.