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From Dusk Till Con Interview!

Check out our latest interview below with Jay Kay of HorrorHappens Radio for From Dusk Till Con, discussing Theta States, Dark Tales from Channel X, working with actors, and much more!

Part 1:
Part 2:

Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z - Sept 17th!

Our next screening will be a double header, and a sneak peek! 

At Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z - September Screams 2016 you will not only get to see our newest short films Sleepless and The Au Pair, but we'll be premiering them in the format they will be seen in as part of our upcoming anthology series, Dark Tales From Channel X. We'll also be in attendance with copies of our films Blood Slaughter Massacre and The Attack of the Brain People for sale. 
Come on out, and you will also see Theta States Thomas Ryans new short film RAPT, the long awaited premiere of episode 11 of Zombie Hunters: City Of The Dead and episode 2 of The Sin Reapers. There will also be live performances by Cienna RizzaBaron Misuraca and Lady Zombie
More film announcements coming soon, so follow the event invite for more details. 

Theta States Update

Well, time for a small update: The edit is complete! Technically it was done a few weeks ago, but I decided to make some last minute adjustments for run time and pacing. About a week ago, I delivered the film for audio mastering. 
In a partnership with some of our favorite filmmakers, the final audio mix for Theta States will be done by Christian Jude Grillo of Potent Media. Chris has directed numerous films (Apocalypse KissDeer Crossing) and has been working in audio post-production/mastering for nearly 25 years, so trust the film is in good hands! 
I also delivered many of the scenes to Beatrice Sniper for post-visual FX. Beatrice has worked her special effects magic on many indie films you may have heard of recently (Black WakeTheresa & AllisonM is for Monotheist) as well as music videos for bands the likes of BEHEMOTH!and others. An SVA graduate, she is extremely skilled in FX both on set and in post, so look forward to some of her amazing work on this. 
The film will also feature music from musician David Catalano, better known as Without You, I'm Hunting Them and songs from local Philly S&M band GASH
This is shaping up to be the best film we've made (so far) and can't wait for everyone to see it. It's extremely different from everything you've used to from us, with a pacing all it's own, some great dream sequences and living nightmares. We put a lot into this, working with many who we have in past, and a few people we've always wanted to, and finally got the chance! Everyone brought their best into this film, and we truly love it.
It's been a long journey getting to this point, and you better believe we won't stop anytime soon! Thank you to everyone for their support (and patience) on this film. We are looking to begin submitting to festivals soon, hopefully we'll be accepted to as many as possible, and you'll all be able to see it this fall!