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A fun indie rock vibe coupled with 90’s Trapper Keeper graphics... Lindsay Serrano is an up-and-coming director to watch with a dark and satiric comedic vision.
— Latin Horror
an 1980’s/1990’s rock and roll narrative with seizure inducing visuals. It’s relate-able and nostalgic at the same time, with a recipe of whimsical dismay and remnants of childhood horror.
— Horror Society
This film hooked me with the opening sequence... I laughed so hard my dog looked at me funny!
- Michelle Conty, HorrorHound


November 1-7 - New York Short Film Festival

November 15-16 - Ax Wound Film Festival


Shawna Shea Film Festival: Best Short Writer Winner - Lindsay Serrano, Best Comedy Short Nomination, Best Short Cinematography Nomination - Phil Kral and Manny Serrano

Golden Door International Film Festival: Alice Guy-Blache Women in Cinema Nomination, Best Comedy Nomination

IndieWorks September Screening: Audience Choice Award Winner

Happenstance Horror Fest: Audience Choice Best Score Winner

Brightside Tavern Film Festival: Best Horror Director Nomination - Lindsay Serrano, Best Horror Actress Nomination - Heather Drew

Etheria Film Night: Semi-Finalist

previous Screenings

June 15th - Happenstance Horror Fest

June 29 - Boulevard Film Festival

July 16th - Long Island International Film Expo

August 2nd - Scares that Care Film Festival

August 3rd - Brightside Tavern Film Festival

Sept 17th - IndieWorks September Screening

Sept 20th - Golden Door International

Oct. 3rd - Shawna Shea Film Festival

Oct. 7th - Slaughter Movie House

Life is hard enough without your "monthly monster."

Laura struggles to endure a visit from her Menstruation Demon while juggling a career, dating, an active social life, and her monster junk food cravings... A comedic look at what a woman has to deal with during that special time of the month.

Laura - Heather Drew
Menstruation Demon - Heather Buckley
Michael - Christian Moran
Ms. Henderson - Deana Demko

Written and Directed by Lindsay Serrano

Cinematography by Philip Kral

Makeup & FX by Beatrice Sniper

Fangs from Horror Show Jack Fangsmith

Color Grade by David Gechman

Sound Design by Phil Michalski

Featuring songs from Screaming Bloody Marys, Bite, and Turbulent Hearts.

Special Thanks to New York Chips for providing their product for inclusion in the film, as well as for the cast & crew!


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