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The trailer has a fun indie rock vibe coupled with 90’s Trapper Keeper graphics... Lindsay Serrano is an up-and-coming director to watch with a dark and satiric comedic vision. Her films are a must watch!
— Latin Horror


July 16th 7:30pm - Long Island International Film Expo

Life is hard enough without your "monthly monster." Laura struggles to endure a visit from her Menstruation Demon while juggling a career, dating, an active social life, and her monster junk food cravings...

A comedic look at what a woman has to deal with during that special time of the month.

Laura - Heather Drew
Menstruation Demon - Heather Buckley
Michael - Christian Moran
Ms. Henderson - Deana Demko

Written and Directed by Lindsay Serrano

Cinematography by Philip Kral

Makeup & FX by Beatrice Sniper

Color Grade by David Gechman

Sound Design by Phil Michalski

Featuring songs from Screaming Bloody Marys, Bite, and Turbulent Hearts.