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Blood Slaughter Massacre
Starring Matt W. Cody, Mike Roche, Byron M. Howard, Carmela Hayslett, Melissa Roth
Ten years ago, Officers Fincher and Cobb were called out to investigate a noise complaint, and what they found was far worse; 24 people, murdered in cold blood. Barely escaping with his life, Det. Fincher is now investigating the death of two young girls. After meeting some of the local teenagers, and receiving a tip from the Coroner, he realizes The Ripper has returned to finish what he started a decade ago.

"A little gem that actually succeeds in being a loving tribute." - HorrorHound Magazine

"A sadistically fun flick for slasher fans." - Rue Morgue Magazine

"A bloody tribute to slashers from yesteryear." - Horror Society


  • The Late Night Horror Film Festival: Best Horror Feature, Best Producing (2013)

  • Scared Stiff Halloween Horror Film Festival: Best Feature (2013)


  • New Mexico Fright Fest 2013

  • Bizarre AC 2013