Mass Grave Pictures

Mass Grave Pictures, NYC based indie horror film productions.  #supportindiehorror 

Dark Tales From Channel X is a new horror anthology web series from Mass Grave Pictures. Join "The Viewer" as he unveils stories of horror, the unknown and the macabre!

Episode 1 - Sleepless

An insomniac is tormented nightly by a dark presence.

Mike Roche as Allen Zovnig

Official Selection: 7th Severed Short Film Night
Official Selection: Spin & Scream Monthly
Official selection: Grindhouse Nights at Cafe Z
Official Selection: Trenton Art All Night

Episode 2 - The Au Pair

couple deal with a fussy baby before dinner and receive some unexpected help.

Angie Hansen as Kate
Sean Evans as David

Official Selection: Liberty Massacre 3
Official Selection: Grindhouse Nights At Cafe Z

Episode 3 - Knock Knock

Two girls in a hotel hear strange knocking sounds.

Heather Drew as Girl 1
Kati Schwartz as Girl 2

Deana Demko as "The Viewer"

Music by Phil Michalski



Official Selection: Severed Short Film Night
Official Selection: 300 Seconds Short Film Festival