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Mass Grave Pictures, NYC based indie horror film productions.  #supportindiehorror 

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Danny is a long-term insomniac. He comes across an ad for the Audible Lucid Perceptions sleep clinic, run by the peculiar Dr. Zovnig. He receives a small audio device which generates brain-frequency-altering audio waves.
Now sleeping better than he ever has in his life, Danny starts to realize that there could be something wrong. Nightmares, hallucinations, and blackouts plague him daily.
Is it all a side effect of the treatment, or is there some evil force at work, affecting his every move?

ITN Films (Distribution)

Look for Theta States coming to DVD, BluRay and VOD in 2018 from ITN Distribution! If you are interested in screening Theta States at your festival or event, please contact us at



  • Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest - Dec 6th

  • Shawna Shea Film Festival - Oct 5th

  • First Contact Film Festival - May 28th

  • NJ HorrorCon & Film Festival: April 2nd.

  • Macabre Faire Film Festival: Friday, Jan 13th. (World Premiere)

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