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Producing an $8000 Feature Film w/Joe Badon

Producing a low-budget feature can easily be one of the most daunting undertakings you will ever experience, but also the most rewarding. The crash-course in filmmaking you receive will be unlike any other. This week on the show we talk with Writer/Producer/Director Joe Badon about his upcoming feature film "The God Inside My Ear."

With a budget of $8000, and not a penny more, Joe wrote his script, assembled a cast & crew, and over the course of a few weeks, shot his first feature film. Starting out with how he got into filmmaking and working as a storyboard artist, into where he found his actors, his crew, locations, and finally onto how in the hell he managed to keep the budget so damn low! 

You can find Joe Badon on Facebook, and find the film here: where you can watch the trailer and follow its progress. God Inside My Ear will be hitting festivals this year, so look out for it! 

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“When I meet with recent film school graduates, I remind them that whatever happens next in the industry won’t be something my generation does. It will happen among the 20-somethings, the narrative entrepreneurs who figure out how to make the next great thing. Rather than seeking permission to work in the existing industry, they’ll make their own.”
— John August