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Sound Pt. 1 - Buying Microphones

This week on Filmmaking Sucks, Manny, Mario and Lindsay discuss the variety of microphones, the different types there are, and which one you will need for your shoot. 

Mics can get extremely expensive, but you don't always have $500 to drop on one. My new podcast, Filmmaking Sucks, is aimed at all of the budding filmmakers out there, and the newest episode discusses the basics you should know when choosing the right microphone for your indie film, especially on a budget.
Should you get a Dynamic Mic or Condenser Mic?
Omnidirectional, Bi-Directional or Unidirectional?
Whats the difference between Cardioid, SuperCardioid and HyperCardioid?

We run down the different sound profiles each one has, and how to use them, so when it is time for you to build your sound kit, you will know what to look for. Your beginners tutorial to buying the right on-set microphone is here, so check it out below. This is the first half of our discussion on sound, with part 2 coming up in the next episode, and we will cover Production and Post-Production. 

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You can use shabby equipment like cassette players or you can use high-end equipment, but it’s all about ideas, and ideas don’t rely as much on technology as you might think.
— Christopher Shutt