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Why You Need A Producer

Hiring a producer can be expensive, so many indie filmmakers write and direct their own films, which is just fine. But then, they decide "I'll do it myself" when it comes to producing, and they don't realize how much they have actually hurt their film by making that decision.

The truth is, it's because most don't actually know what the producer is supposed to do, and how much work truly goes into their job. Maybe you cant afford a real producer, but you do need to find someone to work as your producer. This week, we will cover the many things a producer does to get your film up off the ground and running during Pre-Production. 

From creating your production bible, to character breakdowns, to equipment and props lists, hiring department heads, breaking down the script, location scouting, casting, budgeting, scheduling and so much more. 

Listen in as we discuss everything a producer does for your film during the pre-production process on Filmmaking Sucks!


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“It doesn’t have anything to do with the budget of the film. It has to do with the scope and scale of ambition, and the skill that people brought to it to realize that ambition.”– James Schamus