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The Horrors of Producing a TV Series

This week, Scott W. Perry joins Manny and Lindsay again to discuss his series "In Fear Of." 

Producing a TV or Web Series is a long process and big commitment. With many moving parts and different directors on each episode, the production can balloon very quickly and just as quickly it can go off the rails. With the success of In Fear Of behind him, Scott tells us many of the pitfalls he experiences, from running out of money, pitching to producers, directors walking off set and the fallout from the burning of friendships.

This is one episode that truly lives up to the title of "Filmmaking Sucks" and proves that time, patience, and perseverance are your greatest assets. If you've experienced a bad shoot, or a failed production, then this discussion proves you're not alone and that giving up is not an option. 

You can find Scott W. Perrys web series In Fear of on Facebook at and on twitter at @scottwperry1977. 

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— Danny Boyle