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Writing and Scheduling A Shoot (6-week goal updates!)

Happy Valentines Day everyone! We all know that just because it's a holiday (sort of) that doesn't mean the hustle ends, so here we are with some updates! At the beginning of the year, we set some 6-week goals for ourselves, and today is our progress report! Meager they may have been, the tasks of writing a script and scheduling a shoot (respectively) came with their own woes, and we're gonna confess them to you. 

Over the last six weeks, we've had two major hurdles. One being compatible screenwriting software, and how do you prep for a shoot when you've never seen the location? So, we talk about the obstacles we've been dealing with lately, and then decide on what our next 6-week goal will be, and brush on what we want to do in the long term as filmmakers, and the next few months for the podcast.

We also briefly discuss LUTs in this episode a bit, and we talk about in-camera LUTs, which was just used as a comparison to the in-camera color profiles. Camera profiles are not LUTs, but they are a similar concept. For a more in-depth explanation of what a LUT is, check out this article at NoFilmSchool:

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