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Ego and Desire with Alex Ferrari

This week, we talk with Filmmaker and Podcaster Alex Ferrari, again!

After a self-described brutal film festival run with his latest feature, On The Corner Of Ego And Desire, Alex talks with us about the hardships he endured, staying focused, overcoming his own personal disappointments, and how to keep moving forward in the face of adversity.

On The Corner Of Ego And Desire is a narrative film, which Alex shot at the Sundance Film Festival, about a group of (fictional) filmmakers trying to sell their film to a producer at Sundance. Alex gets very personal explaining how he felt the film would be a shoe-in for most festivals, but experienced a lot of pushback from other festivals in regards to making a film about filmmakers attending Sundance.

We also discuss Alex’s new subscription-based Video service, Indie Film Hustle TV.

Our discussing ran so long, we decided to break it up into two parts, so this episode is part 1 of our conversation, where we talk about the film and festivals. Look for part 2 soon.

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