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Review: Beneath from Horror Society

I’ve wanted to see this short film for a very long time (aka: like three weeks…) and that’s for two very important reasons. First, I’m a sucker for a good visual and the promo poster featured above instantly grabbed my attention. Second, Beneath comes to horror fans straight from the mind and hands of Mass Grave Pictures’ Lindsay Serrano. Mass Grave Pictures is known for Wild Eye Releasing’s slasher flick Blood Slaughter Massacre, film festival favorite M is for Mastectomy, and current psychological scifi-drama Theta States. While Lindsay has always been an integral part of MGP and even co-directed their web-series “Attack of the Brain People” and and an episode of “Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead,” Beneath is the first time she’s stepped out on her own and sat in the director’s chair. It’s certainly a daunting task, but luckily Lindsay is a real film-maker and she knows the craft. That’s why it’s so easy for me to champion this mini-movie.