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Lesson 1 - Just Get It Done!

Over the years, we have met many people who (just like we all did at first) said they cant make their film because they don't have the right camera, or the right equipment, or the right actors, the locations, the sets, the know-how.. there's always something. What those things equate to are just excuses. It's self-sabotage. If you say you don't have what you need, then it can't be your fault when it doesn't get done, right? WRONG! 

The first, and most important lesson in becoming an indie filmmaker is as simple as this: JUST GET IT DONE! Your first film will be bad, it will be filled with mistakes, mishaps, problems, and everything will go wrong. And even if you're lucky enough to capture lightning in a bottle, a few years from now, you'll hate it because you'll know how to do it better. 

Waiting for the right equipment, or the right actor, the right location, the right set of circumstances, waiting for ANYTHING is the first mistake everyone makes. Just grab a camera and start shooting. Quality comes with experience and time. First, just get it done and go forward from there. 

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The most difficult and challenging thing about directing a film, is getting out of the car.
— Stanley Kubrick quoting Stephen Speilberg