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Women In Horror Panel

This week, we bring you something very special! On January 14th, the Macabre Faire Film Festival hosted a Women In Media panel, and we are proud to bring you the audio of that discussion. All of the women involved are making huge strides, advancing the way people view women working in horror today. 

Hosted by Adam Ginsberg, the panel members include:

Lindsay Serrano (Producer/Director/Writer
Debra Markowitz (Writer/Director/Producer
Kelly Rae LeGault (Actress
Jennifer Valdes (Writer/Director/Producer
Beatrice Sniper (Makeup/SFX Artist
Deana Demko (Actress/Sculptress/Author
Gail Wisun-Gooch (Costumer

Listen in and hear what these amazing women have to say about what they love to do, and how they plan to change the landscape of horror films!

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Photo: Todd Staruch -

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