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What are Development Funds?

Manny and Lindsay take on a subject that many independent filmmakers are unaware of this week, and that is Development Funds. This area of your budget is not always necessary, and it depends on what your film budget is actually going to be. 
What are development funds? Where does this money come from? When do you pay it back (if at all)? How does this affect your films budget as a whole? Where do you investors fit into this fund?
As part of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts Women Filmmakers series, we sat in on the "Working Above the Micro-Budget Level" Workshop with Naomi McDougall Jones and Sarah Wharton where this was discussed. So we got this straight from two sources who have done it themselves, and we are here to share what we learned with you. 

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When you’re making an independent film, it’s like this actor plus this actor equals this funding, this financing. Pull this actor out, this actor is still here but this money’s gone. It’s this frightening puzzle mosaic that is the world of independent film.
— Jill Soloway