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How To MicroBudget Your Script

We're back! Our computer unfortunately died on us (we did discuss it during the recording, but that turned into a 20+ minute discussion, so it was cut. we'll cover the issue we had on a future episode discussing hardware and software you can use!) so we've been away trying to sort that all out, install the new PC, and get everything up and running.

Two weeks ago, Lindsay was on one of our favorite Filmmaking podcasts, Making Movies Is Hard, and she discussed their prospects of making their own first feature film and how to re-work their budget to affordable levels. So, this week, we give you our response to that interview, and talk about how we keep our budgets down for our films. 

We discuss our own methods and experiences producing the films Blood Slaughter Massacre, Theta States, Good Day, Attack Of The Brain People, Zombie Hunters: City Of The Dead, and the countless short films we've worked on over the past 12 years. The people who we've worked for free for, the favors we've asked for, and fulfilled, bartering your services for assistance, supporting other filmmakers, finding locations for cheap or free, and most importantly, getting your film done at a price you can afford. 

Check out the links below for some of the films, podcasts and videos we discussed in this episode, and get to making your first film!

Making Movies Is Hard! Podcast (Lindsay can be heard on Episode 104)
Mark Duplass - SXSW Keynote
Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead
Madison 48 Hour Film Project

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Who gives the fuck about the cavalry? You are the cavalry. You have a group of friends that needs your support. As they get more successful and you make a shitty movie, they will lift you up. This will equalize you. You have a bevy of work behind you and not one of those are you embarrassed to show your children later on. Most importantly, you’re now in a corner of the sandbox that is completely your own. No one can stop you from doing exactly what you want to do. If you can accept that the cavalry won’t come, and if you can be the cavalry, it gives you a chance to be happy.
— Mark Duplass