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No-Budget Filmmaking Hacks

Keeping things low-budget can be difficult, and there are many things indie filmmakers do to stretch their budgets as far as possible. 

This week, we discuss a few of the methods we have used in the past to achieve professional results on an amateur budget. From home-made (and safe!) squibs and blood pumps, how to create a gun muzzle blast with ANY editing software, to inexpensive lighting diffusion and a $5 follow focus. We hit on all of these, plus more items that will help you get that shot you've always wanted, but thought you couldn't afford. 

Come on out to Lovecraft Bar NYC on Friday, August 25th at 6pm and join us for the HP Lovecraft 127th Birthday Party, and check out three of our short films there; Sleepless, The Au Pair and Knock Knock! 

50 Avenue B, New York NY, 10009
$5 entry donation, one drink purchase mine
21+ event.
HORROR Readings 6pm - 9pm
BANDS 9pm -midnight
HORROR ART SHOW/FILMS 6pm - midnight

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Even a low-budget film costs way more money than a high-priced record. So, it’s mo’ money, mo’ problems. When you have more money, it just creates more people trying to get involved and you have more trouble.
— Rob Zombie