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How To Prep With Your Director of Photography

Film is a visual medium, and your Director Of Photography is the person who will bring your visual story to life. They help you craft the story through lenses, angles, lighting, movement and color. But, they are incapable of bringing your vision to life if they are ill-prepared. 

This week, we discuss a few of the basic elements of your film that needs to be decided upon during pre-production, so your DP can do their job efficiently, and create the film you set out to make.

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And later I thought, I can’t think how anyone can become a director without learning the craft of cinematography. I was very glad later when I was directing that I wasn’t in the hands of a cinematographer and hoping that he would do it well. I would know what he was doing, and we could discuss how that scene would look. It was just lucky in a way that I didn’t go to film school and just learnt all this on the floor.
— Nicolas Roeg