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Filmmaking On A Budget Panel

This week, we bring you the Filmmaking On A Budget panel from the Macabre Faire Film Festival, featuring indie directors Patrick Devaney, Jeremiah Kipp, and Jerry Landi. 

Whether making films on the budget of a pizza dinner, two days of shooting for 10 months of post production, to working with Hollywood actors, at the end of the day the only thing that matters is finishing the film. Patrick, Jerry and Jeremiah discuss their ups and downs of producing low-budget films over the last decade and more.

Scrubbing race cars out of your sound, ADR, mobile greenscreens, zombies on the beach, creature creation, artistic filmmaking, shorts vs features, making money, losing money, and everything in between. If you have the slightest inclination to make your own films, this panel proves that you CAN do it yourself! 

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I just want to make films that have enough of a budget to pull off high-level imagery but also have a budget that is low enough that I can do what I want.
— Neill Blomkamp