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ProductionNext w/Jim Miller & Ben Yennie

Production management software is popping up all over, from the veterans like MovieMagic to newb's like Celtx, it's hard to decide which one is best for your needs. This week, we talk to Jim Miller & Ben Yennie, creators of ProductionNext, which is a Cloud-based all-in-one platform, working to meet all of your production management needs. 

Discussing with them the uses of the program, we get deep into how it can help your productions, be they 4-8 member crews with limited budgets like ours, or 100 crews with 6 figure+ budgets. Keep track of your crews inventory, create srotyboards, write and maintain a budget amongst crew members, schedule your shoot days, and keep everyone up-to-speed on the progress of the film from pre-production all the way through post.

If you sign up for ProductionNext, use the link to get three free months added to your service. 

Ben Yennie was VP of Sales for Taal, a mobile video interview platform for the hospitality industry. He is the founder of Producer Foundry, a center for workshops, networking, and entrepreneurial training for film and video producers.

Jim Miller brings a deep understanding of user experience, interaction design and development, and Internet communities from a career spent at Apple, HP Labs, Gateway, and, most recently, as an independent design and development consultant. 

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